Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaners near me

Looking for a high-quality dry cleaning service? We are here for you! From dirty and wrinkled to clean, pressed, and hanged. Our process includes following each label and taking care of every one of your items. Just sit down and relax, we do the rest.


What is Bubble Express Dry Cleaning Service?

  • We will provide a High-quality Dry Cleaning Service.

  • We will inspect your garment for any stains, broken buttons or damages.

  • We will Pick up your dry cleaning items anytime of the week.

  • We hand press all items for a professional finish.
  • Best affordable dry cleaning services with lighting fast turn around times.


Dry Cleaning cost depends on the item you are sending for dry cleaning. Prices range from $3.19 up to $59.99.

 Dry cleaning is a process that uses liquids other than water to clean clothes. A spotter will focus on each clothing item to remove any stain, after cleaning it your item will get hand finished.

YES, Dry cleaning actually cleans stains and it helps your garment to maintain your clothes looking brand new.

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No, You can steam or wash some items, but actually dry cleaning is not possible.

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If you decide to wash your garment, instead of sending it for dry cleaning, Bubble Express recommends following the introduction of the label Tag.

Bubble Express offers Dry cleaning service for hotels guest or Airbnb guests. We offer a fast turn around for those unexpected times.