Wash & Fold

Wash and Fold near me

Do you need to do laundry today? We are the highest quality laundromat  in your area! Give us a call for our wash & fold service. Never do laundry again; let Bubble Express Cleaners do your Wash & Fold so you can enjoy the rest of your day.

What is Bubble Express Wash & Fold Service?

  • We will pick up and drop off all of your items

  • We will separate your light, dark & whites. So don't worry.

  • We will never wash your clothes with other client's clothes.

  • Will wash your clothes again, if you are not satisfied.


Per pound laundry


Bubble Express Cleaners offers the best wash and folds services. Place your order over the phone or fill out our form online and never do laundry again. We will weigh your clothes at your request. 



Hang Dry 


Bubble Express Cleaners cares about your delicate clothes. We offer wash and hang dry option. 


Laundry services don’t cost as much as your time, But if you want to know more information the average price to wash, dry and fold clothes can range anywhere FROM $1.75 to $2.50 a pound.

For more information, you could visit our wash & fold page .

Machine washing is the same as washing in water and Dry cleaning is the same as washing with eco-chemicals.

Laundry services are better when you are trying to do regular washing and you are doing daily laundry. Dry cleaning is better when you are working on the stain removal and you are looking for a more professional finish. All of the dry cleaning items are either iron or steam, Depending on the material of the item.